Avona Residence at the Northbank (TT) in Kuching for Sale

Avona Residence, The Northbank, Kuching - Samarahan Expressway, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
620,000.00 RM nego till let go
  • Property ID: 21376
  • Post Updated: 2023-12-02 20:29:25
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Rent period:
  • Type:
  • Status:
  • Size (sq ft / Pts): 810 sq ft (more or less)
  • Division: Kuching
  • Carpark: 1
  • Listing Type: Selling Agent
  • RC: TR/NT

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Avona Residence at the Northbank (TT) in Kuching for Sale

šŸŒ‡ Discover Elevated Living at Avona Residence, The Northbank (TT) – Unveil Your Urban Haven! šŸ”

šŸŒŸ Property Highlights:
šŸ’° Selling Price: RM620,000 only
šŸŒ Prime Location: The Northbank (TT) in Kuching
šŸ¢ Level 11 Luxury with 810 sq ft
šŸ›ļø 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
šŸš— Double Convenience – 2 Car Parks
šŸ›‹ļø Fully Furnished for Effortless Living

āœØ Indulge in Exclusive Facilities:
šŸ›”ļø 24-Hour Security for Unparalleled Safety
šŸš§ Gated and Guarded Community
šŸŠ Refreshing Swimming Pool
šŸ’Ŗ State-of-the-Art Gym for Fitness Enthusiasts
šŸ¤ø Playground for Leisure and Family Bonding

šŸ™ļø Strategic Location for Ultimate Convenience:

šŸ” Proximity to Tabuan Tranquility (TT)
šŸŽ“ Close to Tunku Putra International School
šŸ›’ Shopping Bliss at Emart, CS Mini Market
šŸŒ³ Embrace Nature at The NorthBank
šŸ­ Nearby Samajaya Industrial Park
šŸ›ļø Convenience of BDC, Saradise

āœØWhy Buy This Property?
šŸŒ† Modern Living in a Prime Urban Hub
šŸš— Double Car Parks for Convenience
šŸ›‹ļø Turnkey Fully Furnished – Move Right In

āœØWhy Buy from Mr. Lim?
šŸ¤ Trusted Advisor for Informed Decisions
šŸ“ž Responsive and Client-Centric Approach
šŸ” Unlock Your Dream Home with Mr. Lim’s Expertise!
šŸ“ž For more details or to schedule a viewing, contact Mr. Lim at 019-8571131. Secure Your Slice of Avona Residence – Where Luxury Meets Convenience! šŸ”āœØ

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  • 24 hours security
  • Gated and Guarded
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Jogging track
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool


  • NA


Agent profile image
Lim Mui San 019-8571131
sales@propertysarawak.com Company: property sarawak

This is type property and listed at Property Sarawak Property Portal.Ā  The Property Portal Especially for Sarawakian.

The Price/Rental is at 620,000.00 RM.Ā 




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