1. 2 units of Ground Floor Shophouses [facing the main road] in Kuching – Rock Road, 3rd Mile etc @ RM5,000
  2. 1 unit of landed house with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, all bedrooms and living room must be air-con in Kuching area @ RM3,500
  3. 1 unit of double storey semi d house in Kuching area @ RM2,000 to 2,,500
  4. 1 unit of landed house in Batu Kawa area
  5. 1 unit of landed house in BDC area
  6. 1 unit of landed house in Tabuan area
  7. 1 unit of landed house in Stampin area
  8. 1 unit of landed house in Stutong area
  9. 4 units of landed house in Kota Sentosa area
  10. 1 unit of apartment in Bintawa
  11. 1 unit of showroom suitable for selling car in Kuching area





  • 1 unit of Double Detached house in Kuching area
  • 1 unit of Semi Detach house @ Batu Kawa, Arang Road or nearby
  • 1 unit of Double Storey Terrace in Moyan area
  • o



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What are our clients are saying about us?

James (shy)

I’m James. Wanted to sell my house, but it still couldn’t be sold for a long time. I saw their advertisement saying "There are no houses that can’t be sold but the people who can’t sell it". It’s interesting, so I asked them to sell it for me. They are very professional from start to finish, and they are very patient to ask me some questions, take some photos, etc. Later, they advise me to fix and repair some leaks and poorly painted areas, so that prospective customers fall in love at first sight, I said OK . I spent about RM1,500, but I didn’t expect them to sell it for me in less than a month and is also sold at an extra of RM20,000.


我是James,我的房子给人卖,但是很久还是还卖不出,看到他家的广告说“没有卖不出的房子只有卖不出的人”,有点意思,就叫他们帮我卖,他们从头到尾,都很专业而且还有很耐性问我一些问题,拍一些照片等等, 过后建议我应该修饰和维修一些漏水和油漆不好的地方,好让准顾客一见钟情,我说OK。我大概花了RM1,500,没有想到他们前后不到一个月就帮我卖掉了,而且还卖高了RM20,000。

Joseph (Shy)

I’m Joseph, I’m not in Kuching for a long time because I have migrated, and I didn’t want to come back, so I troubled my relatives to help me sell it, but after nearly a year, he still didn’t sell it, and the agent wants to sell at markup price! But they couldn’t sell it. In the end, I accidentally saw their ad on Facebook, so I just tried to let them sell it. Yes, they would also use "Zoom" to communicate with me to analyze the situation of my house. What should I do? before selling it! They also did market research and suggested that I sell it at a decent price. I followed their instructions and troubled my relatives to arrange for a cleaning company to clean up the house, and then hand it over to them for sale. Sure enough, it took just more than a month to get the deal closed.


我是Joseph,我长期不在古晋因为我已经移民了,而且也没有想说要回来了,所以就麻烦我的亲戚帮我卖,但是经过将近一年的时间还是没有卖掉咯,而且经纪人还要markup 价钱来卖!但是他们终卖不掉,最后我在Facebook 上不小心看到他们的广告,就是试试看给他们卖咯,不错,他们还会用zoom跟我沟通分析我那间房子的情况该做些什么工作才拿去卖会比较好!还有他们也做好市场调查,提议我以比较体面的价钱卖出,我听从他们的指示,麻烦我亲戚安排清洁公司把房子清理一番,过后才交给他们卖,果然在一个多月的时间就把一切搞定了。

Optimizing every aspect of your property!

From market research, pricing, advertisement, arrange a viewing, negotiation, selection of buyer, banker, lawyer, signing of S&P etc to handle over of property, we cover it all.


To arrange a consultation or viewing, send us a message.

I want to sell a semi detached house ...
please enter as detail as possible, eg. a semi-detached house at jalan stampin, land size, leased period, any features? if can.

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